Literature Search Basic II - future

上了 Literature Search Basic I - 2008 2,課後有同學問什麼是 focus 和 explode?

myositis hierarchy

這不是四年級時「醫學資訊與電腦科技」上的內容嗎?大家可以看一下 OVID 的介紹:
  • Terms in the tree go from more general (left) to more specific (right).
  • Select the Explode box if you wish to retrieve results using the selected term and all of its more specific terms.
  • Select the Focus box if you wish to limit your search to those documents in which your subject heading is considered the major point or focus of the article.
我們說 MeSH 的權威字是具階層結構的特性,所以若是選擇 Explode,結果將會包括指定的 MeSH 及他的子階層內所有的資料。想一想我課中舉的 myositis 及 inclusion body myositis 的例子吧。

myositis result

如果 Search 還要上,那要教什麼呢?

Basic II
  1. Pubmed 及 Medline 要多講一些,包括 focus, explode,filter 的原理和如何應用。
  2. Pubmed vs Medline
  3. OVID database family (What & Why, Journas@OVID, Books@OVID, EBMR@OVID)

    • Should we use All EBMR?

  4. Secondary data sources (What, Why, and what we should know before seaching)

    1. EBM topic reviews (summaries) -
    2. EBM article reviews based on Case (Critical Appraisal Topics, CATs)
    3. EBM article reviews (synopses)
    4. EBM synthesis (systematic review)
    5. Guidelines

Advance - Clinical application based on types of specific clinical questions
  • Select databases
  • Design search strategy
後面的東西可能要幾年後才有機會講吧…可以再講兩個小時。只講 Search 還沒說 Appraisal 哈!